So… you’re moving?

I was born in Northwest Indiana. I’ve lived here nearly my entire life. There was a year I spent in Southern Indiana, but let’s be honest… I’m a Region Rat. I exist in the unloved space of Not Quite Chicago, but Not Really Indiana. It’s all I’ve ever known and despite the obvious flaws, I love it here. I love the purple sunsets brought on my pollution. I love the beach and the not quite clean lake. I love the endless fields of corn and the quaint shops and the same old places I’ve gone to my entire life. This is my home and I was happy to live here for the rest of my life.

But, something happened. And his name is Scott. I fell madly in love with a sarcastic, silly, incredibly intelligent, talented and loving man who happens to live 12 hours away in Arkansas. For the last year we’ve been stuck in a long distance relationship, but now we’ve decided to see each other more than once every few months and give this an honest chance.

Which means I’m leaving Northwest Indiana.

Yes, I’m scared. Terrified actually. I will literally only know Scott and his family when I move. I’ve had friends from NWI that I’ve known since elementary school. I’ve had the same job in the same office for four years now. I finally live close to downtown Valpo. I know where everything is and I never get lost and that’s very comforting to me. But? If I’m really honest with myself?

I cannot wait to leave.

You see, Northwest Indiana is my home, but it’s also my past. It’s every bad choice I’ve made and every friend I’ve parted ways from. I worry about seeing people I’d rather avoid when I’m out and about. I’m reminded of my past whenever I go anywhere and it gets old. Now I’m going to be someplace where I have nothing but new memories to make. And better still, I get to make all of those memories with a man I love.

I could go on and on about leaving my past behind, but I don’t wanna. It’s enough to say I’m moving and won’t be holding my breath when I go out any longer. I have a new life to live and the months leading up to my move are going to take forever. I will, however, make one last comment to prove I’m not that big of a person after all.

You all said it was a phase. Well, guess what? It wasn’t.


One thought on “So… you’re moving?

  1. Happy you have realized that new beginnings are as important as old roots. The move will be bittersweet as you are leaving what you know, But keep in mind you will experience new and different things with the man that makes smile! Good luck and good love to you!


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