The Story

Way back in the early 80’s a child was born. Actually, lots of children were born in the early 80’s, but only one child would become the amazing geek we know and (hopefully) love, Katy. And that kid was me. Hello.

Now, I’ve started lots of blogs and they always fail. Why? Because I’ve never been myself before. I’ve thought that I need to fit into a certain genre in order to blog, but I don’t. I’m just me. And this blog will be a mixture of my life and my thoughts and anything else I feel like writing about. There is no theme. There is no reason. There’s just me.

However, I hope that it will be a way of keeping in touch with my family once I leave them all forever.

Okay, so on the off chance that you’re stumbling across this and want to know a bit more about me, here goes…

I am a thirtysomething woman born and raised in Northwest Indiana. I’ve lived in NWI my entire life, but am preparing for a move to Arkansas in 2015. I am curvy and I like it, but I want to be a little less curvy. I’m also a paralegal, but I don’t talk about that much because I can’t. I’m a student with hopes of obtaining a degree in Organizational Leadership with a minor in gender studies. I consider myself a feminist and a libertarian. I’m a Lutheran. I like most music, but I will cut a bitch if I have to listen to country more than once a week. I’m an avid reader and carry a book with me at all times. I’m a geek. Obviously. I’m the youngest of three siblings and have a wonderfully blended family. I believe in being fucking polite and I’m a goddamn lady. My past stays in my past where it belongs.

There is a cast of characters in my life. Let’s go over them quickly.

Scott is my boyfriend fiancee and, let’s be honest, the most awesome man in the world. He puts up with a lot of my shit and is willing to let me move into his home. I adore him a whole bunch. He has a daughter, T, who I won’t be discussing here in much detail and a pretty amazing older daughter, Robyn. And speaking of Robyn…

Robyn is my best friend. Yup. I’m dating my best friend’s father. It’s not weird to us, but it is to other people. I met Robyn online through geeky things and convinced her to move to Indiana to be my friend. Now I’m leaving her. She’s not happy about it.

My other best friend is Traci. She also lives super far away from me and that sucks. She’s my mindtwin and we literally hate every state that keeps us apart.

Finally, we have my parents. My parents are incredibly conservative old people. They’re amazing. I talk about them a lot.

So, there you go. My life. My life for you to read. Enjoy.


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